Diversity and Inclusion

CAFEW supports diversity and inclusion where everyone is welcome to provide information on social-professional events, articles, trainings, scholarships and other applicable news that will be beneficial to members and their families.This blog helps to share experiences, achievements, knowledge, pictures, events, coordinate Engineering and STEM related activities.

Confidence and Growth

Women in Engineering need to be seen and heard because it is still a male dominated field. The platform enables all Females in STEM stay connected with one another, mainly to boost their confidence in practicing comfortably in any location whether it is locally or internationally. The roadmap to gain confidence includes encouraing others to learn new technical skills, soft skills, taking more risks in terms of accepting challenging roles, and other managerial positions.


Females need to have the determination to succeed. The Engineering profession has lots of challenges which requires the ability to seek innovative ways for solution while maintaining technical and managerial integrity, so building strength to persevere in the face of adversity is crucial. This network assists to help get women to understand the need to be highly emotionally intelligent.

It is all about staying focused always and ignoring the background noise.


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