If you can’t …., don’t …..

If you can’t build, don’t destroy!
If you can’t motivate, don’t discourage!
If you can’t help, don’t worsen!
If you can’t achieve, don’t criticize!
If you can’t visualize, don’t ridicule!
If you can’t diversify, don’t disorganize!
If you can’t solve, don’t confuse!
If you can’t volunteer, don’t be selfish!
If you can’t learn, don’t lament!
If you can’t research, don’t falsify!
If you can’t communicate, don’t mislead!
If you can’t listen, don’t make noise!
If you can’t stay focused, don’t distract!

Most importantly don’t obstruct others from building, motivating, helping, achieving, visualizing, diversifying, solving, volunteering, learning, researching, communicating, listening and staying focused.

***just my thoughts***
© Ngowari Diminas



Published by Ngowari Diminas

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