***just my thoughts*** Motivational Social-Professional quotes by Ngowari Diminas

– “Positive development requires a regard for the experienced old people working close by with an acknowledgment of the upcoming younger generation. There has to be a balance in engagement to achieve consistent progress.”
“Do not live in the self-entitlement island but rather invest consistent hard work on your desired career. It is not too late to get up, leave the past behind and keep it moving towards that sustainable career.”
“Nurture your mindset beautifully because the state of your mindset will either hinder or progress you.”
“The ability to notice the simple things people around you do is priceless. We should endeavor to celebrate them in any way we can. It is great to celebrate successful people, but it is greatest to celebrate the everyday person working behind the scenes to ensure others are successful.”
“Take some of your time to find a unique way to motivate someone struggling to move past their current situation. Help them break that barrier that seems too big but in actuality is little. Please remember it is not always with words but actions to follow through. Your positive dedication matters.”
“The little positive things we do are our greatest path to prosperity.”
“Let us make it an essential part of our jobs to motivate fellow female Engineers, upcoming student Engineers and younger ones still trying to make a decision on what career to choose. Giving one another the realistic understanding of the challenges and experience that lies ahead is important because it makes any career journey easy.”
“Be proud of your work, brave, confident and never underestimate the strength of your technical and management skills”.
“Genuine love & passion for your career gives you strength to overcome any challenge you face.”
“Professional Excellence requires a combination of knowledge, focus, commitment, hard work, plan, vision, soft skills, networking and real-time exploration of new ideas.”
“Openness and willingness to learn creates new ideas and opportunities”
“Quality & Integrity on any job will produce Safety, Security, Stability & Sustainability.”
“Being honest to differentiate clearly what task/job one is capable of doing to peers, colleagues and bosses at work plays a big role in one’s career growth. It creates room for an open mind to learn and increase skills.”

–  “Multitasking is a skill associated with experience in line with prioritizing. One just needs narrow down on the important tasks and ensure your pace is yours not bothering about pleasing anyone or setting unrealistic timelines. It is best not to achieve things under other people’s pressure that way you value your path to that achievement and easily self-document lessons learned while following tasks through to the end. I understand some tasks are on a long or short term, but we still need to find ways to carry out some in parallel without having an adverse impact on the other. Wisdom is required nowadays to identify and concentrate on our set priorities.”

***just my thoughts***

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