Napa Valley Trip: Wonderful Wedding and Winery

Traveling for work or fun is an amazing experience that keeps me going. Napa Valley is located north of San Pablo in California. As soon as I arrived this beautiful place, I knew I would enjoy the environment. My trip was for 5days and I just had to make the best out of it. I had the opportunity in between to tour around San Francisco (


Bride: Chijioke Ogbonna and Myself: Ngowari Diminas

You can see this lovely photo of myself and the bride. One of my best photos taken at the wedding ceremony. My friend was getting married and I was excited with all the travel plans coming to reality. I met up with friends on the first night and we started out by talking about old times.


The sunny day encouraged us to have more fun during rehearsals for the wedding.


The bridal shower was mega fun!!! We had a good laugh.


On that beautiful day, the bride gave us the challenge coin and other gifts as appreciation for encouragement. This coin is usually given to a battalion by their commander as a symbol of encouragement and support while getting ready for the big day!!! The bride is an Engineer and of course I am always proud of Female Engineers all over the world.


We all enjoyed chatting, taking pictures, making up, getting selfies, updating our social media accounts…lol…It was awesome!!!!


The Iconic Grape Crusher Statue!!!The statue is approximately 20ft tall. You can simply see the beauty of Art & Engineering display such a magnificent attraction.


Chioma, Wobia, Nneka, Patricia & Ngowari

The bridal party took pictures at the top of the hill close to the iconic grape crusher statue. The pictures were breathtaking and it was just awesome to view some parts of the town from the top.


Everyone is looking so classy and beautiful!


My sister and friends had the time to stop by the popular Napa Valley sign.


After that, they went to do a tour at the wonderful Castello di Amarosa, which means ” Castle of Love”. There was so much money and time spent on building this tourist attraction.


From Left to right: Ibiere Jumbo, Gogo Minimah and Alaba Ibie


Unfortunately, I could not make it to this amazing Castle but I have put it down on my to-do list in the future.

Personally, it was refreshing for me to visit such a place and to top it with attending a wonderful wedding is truly amazing!


I hope you all enjoyed the photos and brief description of what to do when in Napa Valley!!

© Ngowari Diminas, CAFEW Founder

















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