The Unspoken Assets of a female Engineer ….Part 1

A Female Engineer’s strength and resistance to break is like that of Titanium especially the ability to withstand pressure onshore or offshore. Her datasheet is outstanding with her fluorescent beauty like that of a diamond. She motivates others by pumping her positive energy into any environment. Her productivity is equivalent to the electrical power required from a substation.

A Female Engineer’s soft touch gives her the ability to be civil when dealing with others which enables the required concrete foundation for any work relationship. Her amazing magnetic attitude attracts the right individuals. She can function mechanically like a manual valve by controlling what information flows through her or gets drained down or recirculated around.

A Female Engineer’s integrity is well maintained like a control panel and fully functional based on the applicable installed programs. Whenever a female Engineer appears static, the probability of her utilizing her mathematical and analytical skills to provide dynamic solutions is high. She monitors data consistently like a metering system thereby putting in place valuable processes to help towards cost savings.

A Female Engineer’s smile is authentic and magical!!! It can melt the heart of her family, friends, colleagues and anyone she comes in contact with. She can be sweet, loving, caring, brilliant, adorable and supportive and most importantly, must be carefully handled.

A Female Engineer is the true definition of Enthusiastic, Nurture, Grow, Impact, Noble, Enlighten, Empower, Responsible, Inform, Noteworthy, and Great.


Female Engineers need to IGNORE ALL THE NEGATIVITY. They are all great, blessed and hard working women!

28827734_10155984494750944_2519590548166091463_o (1)

—If one wins, all win!!!!—


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