CAFEW- International Women in Engineering Day Celebration

The International Women in Engineering Day, 2020 was celebrated on the 23rd of June and CAFEW Engineers shared some words of wisdom, advice, and quotes. These Engineers are working in different Industries and Countries but one thing is common, a collaborative mindset to create various effective avenues to allow other females learn, grow, and feel fulfilled in STEM careers.

The images below are very inspiring, especially the diversity of these ladies in terms of Engineering discipline, multiple degrees, and culture.

All these images can be found on the CAFEW social media pages.

Smart and Stunning Engineers.

The strategic collaboration of females in STEM is valuable to build an impactful network of allies.” – Ngowari Diminas

It is encouraging to see these beautiful ladies doing well and volunteering in the communities. CAFEW appreciates all of them and will continue to work with them to enhance the effectiveness of its platform.

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