You complain about not making very good grades in school because you had to work; Look around you there is someone who worked, took care of kids, had to deal with extended family issues but still is the best graduating student….What is your excuse????

You are healthy but complain about work and tiredness; Look around you to see someone that has so many health issues, works same hours as you and has one child or more but does not complain…..What is your excuse????

You complain about being too busy with kids for not keeping in touch with your friends or family; Look around you to someone with more demanding job, kids and going to school…..What is your excuse????

You are quick to saying NO when people ask for your help in any form or way. You hardly sacrifice your time or money to help and complain the most in a very bitter way how those same people don’t help you but they help others; Look around you to see what sacrifice means and why people go out of their ways for others…..What is your excuse????

You are not rich but always say “If I am the one who owns that kind of money, I will do this and that. I will not spend my money in a useless way.” ; Look around you, assess you and focus more on making the same money then feel free to spend it “in a non-useless way”…..What is your excuse????

You complain about past President not providing that “prestigious job” for you; the present President comes in and you still complain that you don’t have the job; you start wishing for another President to provide you with the desired job; Please! Please! Please! No President will leave his office to find that job for you; Look around you someone worse than your situation still gets out there to make both ends meet somehow with integrity by not looking down on any job….What is your excuse????

You start complaining about how your skin on your legs is not smooth and you are unhappy; Look around you to see others with no legs at all, smiling all the way and thanking God that they are alive….What is your excuse????

The list goes on and on. My point is simple….quit complaining!!! I have stopped complaining. It does not help. The time spent on complaining which breeds negativity could be extremely damaging. The earlier you realize that your health, wealth, happiness, goals, dreams etc. is yours alone and you are responsible for it, the better for you. Always put in that effort no matter how little.

***just my thoughts***

#StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise

©Ngowari Diminas





Importance and Benefits of Professional Development

Professional Development enhances excellence, productivity, sustainability, and success. There is a tremendous value in professional development that enables efficiency in various workplaces, communities, and organizations. Periodic review of one’s personal skills, education, and experience provides the ability to evaluate specific skills or knowledge relevant to the area of expertise.

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Proudly Ekpeye! Proudly Nigerian!


I will like to say that every person should be proud of where they are from. It gives me joy and pride when I think of my beautiful family, village and state. Like my people chant when there are celebrations:” Ocho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho….uwo uwo uwo… ochee…eehe..”. Trust me, this chant is awesome!!! Rivers State is the Southern part of Nigeria and is filled with very rich culture. Growing up was fun while making friends and trying to learn different languages or slangs. This was pretty easy because I could easily blend in most parts of the country.

Going abroad to school with other people came with a lot of accent challenges, cultural differences, and lifestyles but through it all it takes very good interpersonal skills to work through it just to live comfortably around others. It does take a lot to live, study or work in other areas, remote location or countries.

For the typical Nigerian child, education is a “must”. Studying Engineering was never my first choice but I ended up as an Engineer because I felt I was good with subjects associated with the degree. I started over time to motivate myself in order to enjoy the exceptional benefits of Engineering. This is why I am passionate about getting other adults informed and engaged, volunteer activities, and career day sessions for younger ones to start planning way ahead.

Being able to share my experience, cultural values, food and professional background with others that are genuinely interested is truly emotional. It is a unique skill that keys into a remarkable comfort level when working with fellow colleagues or during social professional networking events.

What matters most is being passionate about whatever career path you choose while demonstrating a positive attitude; maintain good working relationships; build trust and credibility; take responsibility for your actions and develop a high standard set of competencies; deal with change successfully; see the opportunity in the midst of risks, challenges and obstacles.

Be proud of where you are from because it also gives you that unique factor to guide you through your career path. #StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise

© Ngowari Diminas

Success- What does this really mean??

This is my opinion of what Success actually means…..

Success is definition….definition of one’s personal goals.

Success is challenging….challenging one’s ability to defined tasks.

Success is sustainable….sustainable foundation to maintain new goals.

Success is fulfilment……fulfilment of one’s personal ambition.

Success is unlimited….unlimited in all aspects of life.

Success is meaningful….meaningful depending on one’s success factors.

Success is achievable….achievable by everyone.

Success is available…..available to everyone.

Success is beautiful….beautiful in the eyes of those who appreciate.

Success is love…. We must all learn to show love to people around us, encourage and celebrate Success as defined by one another.

©Ngowari Diminas

Smart and Stunning!


What more can I say?? I am so happy and excited about this blog. Engineering is a reputable career.

Female Engineers are strong, bold and respected.  The Engineering Career comes with continous hard work, development, determination and working through challenges to attain goals. Sharing beautiful experiences, achievements, technologies and family life while coping with work will enable strength in promoting and connecting other female Engineers or upcoming Engineers. I am so glad to be an Engineer. I acknowledge that we all need to keep being determined and focused.

Most Female Engineers ask high performance questions when necessary, study a lot and research for facts which leads to professional excellence. We are simply Smart and Stunning!


© Ngowari Diminas

The burden of misplaced priorities

The burden of misplaced priorities is not worth it. Always follow your personal navigation system.

Life does not have a straightforward path to follow. One’s desired path to success and sustainability as defined by the person sets a productive foundation. Each individual’s criteria for success vary and should be respected. People often tend to get on the path of self-destruction by taking their eyes of their personal path plan and focus more on others excessively which includes paying too much attention to others’ career, lifestyle, background, experience etc.

This leads to the massive burden that comes with misplaced priorities. Self-inflicting unnecessary pressure to attain a financial, educational or social status is one of the dangerous outcomes anyone can find him/herself in. Have you asked yourself: “Why do I care what others think about me?” Self-deceit is another huge one. You should tell yourself the truth!!! Unhealthy and baseless competition with others takes you way off your personal path. Most times, others have no clue that you are trying to compete with them.

Every person has their own unique channel and talent towards productive motivation. Talent is unique to each person so it is highly necessary to nurture it. Dream big, work hard consistently, develop skills continuously, volunteer, read & research always to increase your knowledge bank and most of all pray always.

***just my thoughts***

© Ngowari Diminas