Crucial Skills for Smart & Stunning Female Engineers

Female Engineers should be respected because they require passion, consistency, technical abilities; hands-on skills, soft skills, very high standards of work ethics, professionalism, high-level management, desire and ability to solve problems.

Engineers are ready to look for solutions to complex problems and find ways to make our daily lives easier. These typically require critical thinking, calculations, research, practical hands-on work and other forms of technology. With my personal and professional experience, Female Engineers need to maintain some skills that are vital to succeed in this male dominating field. The eight crucial skills are briefly described below and also depicted on the chart for secure memory.

Smart and Stunning Crucial Skills Chart

Authentic: Exhibiting creativity and authenticity at all times even in subtle ways gives others the clarity on one’s passion. We need to be ready to hit the ground running. We should try to be professional and social at the same time under all forms of circumstances. Think smart and be willing to exhibit creative ways to solve problems at all times. The intention is to motivate and inspire others by achieving results.

  • High performer: Each engineering task brings its unique challenge, so therefore we have to demonstrate high-performing attitude and skills. Asking high-performance questions is a brilliant way to strengthen one’s engineering, design and technical expertise. These questions will ensure a clear understanding of technical issues, language and safety while visualizing the business goals. Be open and ready to learn.

Time management: Most Engineering jobs require multiple tasks and interface with a lot of people where one is needed efficiently on schedule. Effective planning is necessary at all times to prioritize tasks, assign tasks where possible, take control of time assigned and monitor these activities. It is important to have the ability to utilize practical, online and other research resource tools to complete jobs efficiently.

  • Emotional Management: Most times people perceive women as very emotional, and this impression needs to change. Once we can learn to control emotions at work places or in local communities, it establishes a firm trust that we can handle the enormous tasks. Sometimes others like to take credit for your job or want to throw you under the bus openly but being able to deal with this professionally without including personal issues sets you aside as an incredible leader. The ability to identify barriers that can cause confusion and distraction are required.                                                                                                                                    

Confident: Being brave with positive energy while commanding respect is extremely necessary. This can be visibly displayed through one’s facial expression, the tone of voice, posture, body language, eye contact, and active listening. Looking at most successful female engineers, you can’t help but notice that executive presence they exhibit. We need to be effective communicators to others. Effective communication can be done with tact and focus while being influential. Also, provide the avenue for general documented feedback from others regarding performance that will be useful in the future.

  • Risk Taker: Risk is a factor that deters most people from moving to the next level due to the fear of failure. Female engineers should have the ability to take risks no matter what the outcome is. If one fails, one learns. If one makes it after takin the risks, one has an additional achievement. Either way, it is a win-win. Most importantly, we should learn to identify risks, analyze, and have alternative options to mitigate or eliminate those risks and make decisions effectively.

Diversify: The ability to integrate multiple skills and talents increases the chances to achieve effective leadership. Sharing experience on each task or work environment is essential. Having that style and power of inclusion where one ensures people feel included no matter what or who they are will create an increased open work flow environment. This diversification also includes easily adapting to a multi-workforce with full consideration of gender, generation, culture, nationality, position, and different methods to accommodate all.

  • Volunteer: Being able to volunteer for a good cause either partially or full time with delight is priceless and makes a positive impact around you. Every year many countries celebrate the National Volunteers’ week to recognize the importance of volunteering and also show the positive benefits including lives changed through the selfless acts of providing excellent service to others. Finding time to mentor and coach others brings forth a sense of responsibility and fulfillment.


Written by Ngowari Diminas


“BECAUSE I’M A WOMAN” by Oghogho Peters

Excerpts from the Book….”BECAUSE I’M A WOMAN”

I am not of the Opinion that Women are Superior to Men but We are not inferior to Men.
I was made the Resident Pastor of our Church, few years ago. One day, I had a meeting the Leaders of the Church in a bid to get suggestions that can help to move the Church forward.
I was surprised to hear someone say that it was better to have a Man as their Resident Pastor. He said Women find it easier to Share their Problems with Men; and Men find it easier to share their burdens with Men.
He implied that a Woman cannot pastor Effectively because She is a Woman. I felt insulted and humiliated. I made up my mind to excel as a female Resident Pastor.
Many of us have been told that We can’t lead, We can’t become great, We can’t float a Business….Simply because We are Women. I don’t seek to outdo any man but I refuse to believe that Women should not be given a Chance, Simply because they are Women.
One day, I boarded a transport car. The car was billed to move from Asaba to Abraka, Nigeria. I had paid my fare. I sat at the left edge of the back sit. Another Woman sat at the right edge of the back sit. A Man came to board the same car. The only place available for him to sit, was in between two of us(ladies).
When he was Shown his sit, he bluntly refused to sit there, citing that he could not sit in between two ladies. I found it bizarre and obstinate. I couldn’t believe my ears. Sad but true. This is how many Women have been humiliated, ostracized, abandoned, cheated, abused, simply because they are Women.
We are not to compete with Men, We are to Complement Men. I agree that there are some things that Men do better than Women and Vice versa.
In most cases, Women cook better than Men but this does not mean that We don’t have excellent male cooks. Why then Should a Woman be excluded from being a President, General Manager or CEO simply because She is a Woman.
If She desires to do what seems to be exclusive to Men, She should not be ostracized. She should be given a Chance. The Zelophahad daughters were told that they could not inherit their father’s properties. When the matter was brought to Moses. He prayed to God and God said a portion should be given to them (Numbers 27).
Gender equality does not mean that a Woman should not submit to her husband.
It only means that a Woman should not be disadvantaged Simply because She is a Woman.
The Author
Oghogho Peters is the Founder of Healing Bread Outreach, a Ministry to the Sick, oppressed, depressed and hurting in the Society. She is a graduate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Ibadan.
She is married to Rev(Engr) Elvis Peters Uto.
She is a Mother and they make their abode in Delta State, Nigeria.

Keeping Fit Is Necessary!


I understand that we are all busy with our daily schedules, routines, jobs and families. We often get lost in these activities and forget that we need to take care of our bodies. As the popular saying goes: “Health is wealth”.

We should all try to improve in taking proper care of ourselves. This includes our body, mind and soul. We definitely need to think of the kind of food we eat. I am guilty at times because I grew up loving our local Nigerian meals… “eba”, “egusi soup”, “vegetable soup”, “okra soup”, “jollof rice”, “peppersoup”… these meals have lots of oil, starch, red meat etc… I have learned over time to see the food I love and say NO!!

Personally I tried different slim drinks, meds, etc but I realized that it was a waste of my time. I had to start working out, taking long walks and ensuring that I achieve over 10,000steps daily no matter how busy I get. This has helped me tremendously with not only losing weight but keeping me fit. There is no easy way out.

The best for me is taking walks….Oh oh oh….this is when I think positively the most… It helps me clear my head/thoughts…It is a good reset for my brain.

I know that sometimes people experience various health issues or medical conditions that are caused by unfortunate incidents, genes, and other factors that could be managed properly or not depending on the location. These can be very upsetting. I pray God heals anyone out there with any medical condition.

I encourage you all to try exercising because it surely goes a long way. We need to all keep motivating one another.  Keeping fit is absolutely necessary.

#StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise

Interview with Adetola Salau, Founder of Carisma4U


What inspired you to study Engineering?

I was inspired to be an engineer when I was a teenager when I read and did research about Chemical Engineering. I was intrigued by the roles that Chemical Engineers have played in advancing society through various methods of improving existing models.

How is life generally as a Female Engineer?

Life is challenging, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way, as Engineers are problem solvers and active thinkers. I love encouraging other young girls to consider becoming Engineers as STEM fields are the future especially as more STEM skills are needed to solve the challenges of the 21st century as well as advances in the frontiers of Research and Development, Medicine, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence to name a few areas.

In your opinion, what skills do Engineers need to sustain this competitive career?

Engineers need to be flexible and adaptable, maintain open mindedness, and above all never stop learning.

Why are you so passionate about STEM?

I am passionate about STEM because it is critical for the development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We need to become producers and problem solvers, less dependent on others. It is important for our economic prosperity in the future.

You have been working hard to bring STEM activities to the forefront in Nigeria. What challenges do you face and how can fellow Nigerians provide support?

The challenges we face are enormous in spite of that we have hope. In a lot of the schools that we have visited, both the students and teachers met us with a welcoming attitude. Our children are eager for relevant learning, they desire to be future ready and are excited about the possibilities of being innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc— they want to face the future head on. Their teachers for the most part are also eager to help them get there but are held back by the inadequacies in the system. We can help by demanding more for our children, backing programs and projects such the one that our Foundation—Carisma4U Educational Foundation has embarked upon to drive the awareness of STEM.

What advice do you have for upcoming and fellow Female Engineers?

Never ever give up. You have a lot to give in your individual way to make a difference for our society. Keep on believing in your self and always take the opportunity to give back to others.


You complain about not making very good grades in school because you had to work; Look around you there is someone who worked, took care of kids, had to deal with extended family issues but still is the best graduating student….What is your excuse????

You are healthy but complain about work and tiredness; Look around you to see someone that has so many health issues, works same hours as you and has one child or more but does not complain…..What is your excuse????

You complain about being too busy with kids for not keeping in touch with your friends or family; Look around you to someone with more demanding job, kids and going to school…..What is your excuse????

You are quick to saying NO when people ask for your help in any form or way. You hardly sacrifice your time or money to help and complain the most in a very bitter way how those same people don’t help you but they help others; Look around you to see what sacrifice means and why people go out of their ways for others…..What is your excuse????

You are not rich but always say “If I am the one who owns that kind of money, I will do this and that. I will not spend my money in a useless way.” ; Look around you, assess you and focus more on making the same money then feel free to spend it “in a non-useless way”…..What is your excuse????

You complain about past President not providing that “prestigious job” for you; the present President comes in and you still complain that you don’t have the job; you start wishing for another President to provide you with the desired job; Please! Please! Please! No President will leave his office to find that job for you; Look around you someone worse than your situation still gets out there to make both ends meet somehow with integrity by not looking down on any job….What is your excuse????

You start complaining about how your skin on your legs is not smooth and you are unhappy; Look around you to see others with no legs at all, smiling all the way and thanking God that they are alive….What is your excuse????

The list goes on and on. My point is simple….quit complaining!!! I have stopped complaining. It does not help. The time spent on complaining which breeds negativity could be extremely damaging. The earlier you realize that your health, wealth, happiness, goals, dreams etc. is yours alone and you are responsible for it, the better for you. Always put in that effort no matter how little.

***just my thoughts***

#StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise

©Ngowari Diminas




Importance and Benefits of Professional Development

Professional Development enhances excellence, productivity, sustainability, and success. There is a tremendous value in professional development that enables efficiency in various workplaces, communities, and organizations. Periodic review of one’s personal skills, education, and experience provides the ability to evaluate specific skills or knowledge relevant to the area of expertise.

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