Success- What does this really mean??

This is my opinion of what Success actually means…..

Success is definition….definition of one’s personal goals.

Success is challenging….challenging one’s ability to defined tasks.

Success is sustainable….sustainable foundation to maintain new goals.

Success is fulfilment……fulfilment of one’s personal ambition.

Success is unlimited….unlimited in all aspects of life.

Success is meaningful….meaningful depending on one’s success factors.

Success is achievable….achievable by everyone.

Success is available…..available to everyone.

Success is beautiful….beautiful in the eyes of those who appreciate.

Success is love…. We must all learn to show love to people around us, encourage and celebrate Success as defined by one another.

©Ngowari Diminas


Published by Ngowari Diminas

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One thought on “Success- What does this really mean??

  1. I like this. Success has so many definitions, we just have to find the right one for us and go with it. Success is also Focused thinking; The ability to think with clarity on issues by removing distractions and mental clutter….


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