Proudly Ekpeye! Proudly Nigerian!


I will like to say that every person should be proud of where they are from. It gives me joy and pride when I think of my beautiful family, village and state. Like my people chant when there are celebrations:” Ocho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho….uwo uwo uwo… ochee…eehe..”. Trust me, this chant is awesome!!! Rivers State is the Southern part of Nigeria and is filled with very rich culture. Growing up was fun while making friends and trying to learn different languages or slangs. This was pretty easy because I could easily blend in most parts of the country.

Going abroad to school with other people came with a lot of accent challenges, cultural differences, and lifestyles but through it all it takes very good interpersonal skills to work through it just to live comfortably around others. It does take a lot to live, study or work in other areas, remote location or countries.

For the typical Nigerian child, education is a “must”. Studying Engineering was never my first choice but I ended up as an Engineer because I felt I was good with subjects associated with the degree. I started over time to motivate myself in order to enjoy the exceptional benefits of Engineering. This is why I am passionate about getting other adults informed and engaged, volunteer activities, and career day sessions for younger ones to start planning way ahead.

Being able to share my experience, cultural values, food and professional background with others that are genuinely interested is truly emotional. It is a unique skill that keys into a remarkable comfort level when working with fellow colleagues or during social professional networking events.

What matters most is being passionate about whatever career path you choose while demonstrating a positive attitude; maintain good working relationships; build trust and credibility; take responsibility for your actions and develop a high standard set of competencies; deal with change successfully; see the opportunity in the midst of risks, challenges and obstacles.

Be proud of where you are from because it also gives you that unique factor to guide you through your career path. #StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise

© Ngowari Diminas


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2 thoughts on “Proudly Ekpeye! Proudly Nigerian!

  1. Excellent article great inspiration to all women and young ladies know that the sky is the limit and what ever you set your mind to with determination and focus it’s possible continue your encouragement to all Ngowari. Intelligence and beautiful!!


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