Ten ways that can help you with Career Sustainability and Success

  • VISION – Always visualizing yourself in the big picture is vital. Looking at where you see yourself after a certain period of time is what gives you the insights on what your personal goals are and how realistic it may be.
  • APPROACH – You need to look into how you approach situations in your daily activities. It is necessary to check your attitude with people at work, business and family. Always remember that you alone are responsible for making sure your goals are met.
  • VALUES – This is where you need to hold yourself accountable and responsible for your work. There should be a high level of integrity that you need to set.
  • PLAN – This is a very critical activity everyone needs to have in their daily tasks. You need to plan everything. This is where you can identify what you need in the future in terms of resources. Time is one of our most valuable assets so using it is best to use it positively.
  • PROBLEMS – Ensure that you are ready to clearly identify problems faced along your career path. Always try to find ways to resolve them. Do not blame others and even though others might be responsible, try to have alternative options to overcome them in the future.
  • MONITOR & REVIEW – Real time self-monitoring and reviewing your goals at different stages helps to keep you in check on your progress. At this stage, you can easily re-define your goals, integrate some of them or even move forward to later stages.
  • SKILLS – Self-improvement is a key factor to career sustainability. You should always check your skills at various stages of your career. Identifying the right skills required for each goal is imperative. There are so many continuing professional development courses/trainings and hands-on training that is useful and required as the world is changing really fast.
  • WILLINGNESS TO LEARN – Often times, people feel they have enough knowledge and therefor don’t need to learn from others or read more books. The fact is that reading, researching, on-line access to webinars or libraries and magazines exposes you to continuous knowledge.
  • ENGAGEMENT – It is highly recommended to maintain a good level of social-professional association. If it is possible, be a volunteer and also attend various professional events and participate in question & answer sessions. Networking with others is great.
  • FOCUS – This is the part that requires you to remain encouraged no matter what obstacles you face. It is imperative to remain focused at all times. There are many times goals will not be met but one needs to have eyes on the vision. Remember to keep it moving and continue to explore new ideas.

It is very important to believe in whatever career path you have decided to follow with great passion and continuous hard work.

Excerpts from published article, 2016 “Restructuring Yourself for Career Sustainability and Success” http://www.pa-journal.com/restructuring-career-sustainability-success/

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3 thoughts on “Ten ways that can help you with Career Sustainability and Success

  1. To read all of these is quite encouraging to young female engineers. I am really so proud of you for all you hav achieved so far. Keep the flag flying. May God bless and crown all your efforts. Amen.

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  2. Very beautiful piece I must admit.
    Kudos Ngowari Diminas.
    May God empower you with More wisdom as you add positively to this Generation

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