The burden of misplaced priorities

The burden of misplaced priorities is not worth it. Always follow your personal navigation system.

Life does not have a straightforward path to follow. One’s desired path to success and sustainability as defined by the person sets a productive foundation. Each individual’s criteria for success vary and should be respected. People often tend to get on the path of self-destruction by taking their eyes of their personal path plan and focus more on others excessively which includes paying too much attention to others’ career, lifestyle, background, experience etc.

This leads to the massive burden that comes with misplaced priorities. Self-inflicting unnecessary pressure to attain a financial, educational or social status is one of the dangerous outcomes anyone can find him/herself in. Have you asked yourself: “Why do I care what others think about me?” Self-deceit is another huge one. You should tell yourself the truth!!! Unhealthy and baseless competition with others takes you way off your personal path. Most times, others have no clue that you are trying to compete with them.

Every person has their own unique channel and talent towards productive motivation. Talent is unique to each person so it is highly necessary to nurture it. Dream big, work hard consistently, develop skills continuously, volunteer, read & research always to increase your knowledge bank and most of all pray always.

***just my thoughts***

© Ngowari Diminas






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