Interview with Adetola Salau, Founder of Carisma4U


What inspired you to study Engineering?

I was inspired to be an engineer when I was a teenager when I read and did research about Chemical Engineering. I was intrigued by the roles that Chemical Engineers have played in advancing society through various methods of improving existing models.

How is life generally as a Female Engineer?

Life is challenging, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way, as Engineers are problem solvers and active thinkers. I love encouraging other young girls to consider becoming Engineers as STEM fields are the future especially as more STEM skills are needed to solve the challenges of the 21st century as well as advances in the frontiers of Research and Development, Medicine, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence to name a few areas.

In your opinion, what skills do Engineers need to sustain this competitive career?

Engineers need to be flexible and adaptable, maintain open mindedness, and above all never stop learning.

Why are you so passionate about STEM?

I am passionate about STEM because it is critical for the development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We need to become producers and problem solvers, less dependent on others. It is important for our economic prosperity in the future.

You have been working hard to bring STEM activities to the forefront in Nigeria. What challenges do you face and how can fellow Nigerians provide support?

The challenges we face are enormous in spite of that we have hope. In a lot of the schools that we have visited, both the students and teachers met us with a welcoming attitude. Our children are eager for relevant learning, they desire to be future ready and are excited about the possibilities of being innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc— they want to face the future head on. Their teachers for the most part are also eager to help them get there but are held back by the inadequacies in the system. We can help by demanding more for our children, backing programs and projects such the one that our Foundation—Carisma4U Educational Foundation has embarked upon to drive the awareness of STEM.

What advice do you have for upcoming and fellow Female Engineers?

Never ever give up. You have a lot to give in your individual way to make a difference for our society. Keep on believing in your self and always take the opportunity to give back to others.


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