Keeping Fit Is Necessary!


I understand that we are all busy with our daily schedules, routines, jobs and families. We often get lost in these activities and forget that we need to take care of our bodies. As the popular saying goes: “Health is wealth”.

We should all try to improve in taking proper care of ourselves. This includes our body, mind and soul. We definitely need to think of the kind of food we eat. I am guilty at times because I grew up loving our local Nigerian meals… “eba”, “egusi soup”, “vegetable soup”, “okra soup”, “jollof rice”, “peppersoup”… these meals have lots of oil, starch, red meat etc… I have learned over time to see the food I love and say NO!!

Personally I tried different slim drinks, meds, etc but I realized that it was a waste of my time. I had to start working out, taking long walks and ensuring that I achieve over 10,000steps daily no matter how busy I get. This has helped me tremendously with not only losing weight but keeping me fit. There is no easy way out.

The best for me is taking walks….Oh oh oh….this is when I think positively the most… It helps me clear my head/thoughts…It is a good reset for my brain.

I know that sometimes people experience various health issues or medical conditions that are caused by unfortunate incidents, genes, and other factors that could be managed properly or not depending on the location. These can be very upsetting. I pray God heals anyone out there with any medical condition.

I encourage you all to try exercising because it surely goes a long way. We need to all keep motivating one another.  Keeping fit is absolutely necessary.

#StayFocused #IgnoreTheBackgroundNoise


Published by Ngowari Diminas

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One thought on “Keeping Fit Is Necessary!

  1. I agree with you. Most widely circulated slimming alternatives are just mere deceit.
    Exercising and Good dieting remains the Best.

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