CAFEW Engineering Sights: Drumright City


I had the opportunity to look around the city of Drumright. I was intrigued by the history of its oilfields in the 1910s. I had to take a lot of pictures and I have chosen to share some. The town began to boom when oil was struck on Frank Wheeler’s farm circa 1912. The discovery well was referred to as Wheeler No. 1.

See link below on Wheeler No. 1:


A track from was built from Frey Junction to Drumright circa 1915 and that location is now called the Santa Fe Museum.


As you can see from the pictures shown below there is the train behind. Most of these old equipment are the first set of equipment used to work on Wheeler No. 1.


For more of the Drumright history, please refer to the link below:,_Oklahoma

CAFEW Engineering Sights series: written by Ngowari Diminas

Photo credit: Ngowari Diminas



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