CAFEW Inspiration: Interview with Ayagogo Minimah

Ayagogo Minimah

Ayagogo Minimah, Drilling Operations Coordinator @ Geoplex Drillteq Limited

How did your journey to study Engineering begin? What inspired you initially?

From my first year in secondary school days I knew i would be a science student, I loved formulas and shapes, and was never into long literatures. When the time came to pick between science and arts in Senior secondary I went for sciences. My Inspiration was seeing women excel in a predominately male profession.

What does your family feel about your profession?

They are proud of me, my Dad of blessed memory, didn’t spare any cost to see I got a good education to the best of his capacity, my mum is my personal cheerleader; always urging me to achieve more and my sisters, are extremely supportive.

Are you a member of the CAFEW Facebook group? If so, for how long and active are you in the group?

Yes, I am a member of the Facebook group: Connecting All Female Engineers Worldwide (CAFEW) for a year now. I am an active member as well. Recently I was part of the “#IamSmartandStunning” Campaign Initiative of the group in July 2017, whose aim was to recognize females who are somewhat forgotten by society.

How has CAFEW contributed positively to your social and professional life? Please advise on areas of improvement?

CAFEW has been interesting and rewarding, I particularly look forward to the alphabet game, were we all come up with engineering terms that start with an alphabet. Also, there are loads of information on happenings in STEM around the world with focus on women.  Socially, I get to meet other women in Engineering and am proud that we count. Area of improvement will be more physical engagements among members based on locations.

What were your challenges in securing a job? What tips do you have to encourage others in job search?

I am one of those persons that securing a job came with no difficulty.  My tips to those struggling to get one, is believe in yourself and sell yourself (your capabilities and expertise) at any opportunity you get.

How best would you suggest young female engineers navigate their careers?

I will be biased with this one, in the sense that I feel every female should start from the field, whether it’s an Oil Rig (as in my case), telecoms station hub, construction site etc. That way you get hands on experience and know all the details of your chose career part. No one can steal your experience.  Put in a couple of years on the field and then move steadily up the career ladder.

How did you deal with the technical knowledge disparity that happens amongst females in engineering roles?

Technical knowledge disparity amongst females in engineering roles, am not sure that exist. I come across smart and intelligent females daily on the job, that give their male counterparts a run for their money.

What currently motivates you in your recent job?

Motivation for me, is been a role model, younger ladies in Nigeria can look up to. That is enough drive for me to succeed, so they know they can achieve even more.

What does work life balance mean to you?

Work life balance for me is making sure my work does not encroach into personal time. Once its close of work, I get back full mode, to the things am passionate about which include: service in the house of God (am a chorister), my family, baking as well as personal time to read a book, see a movie or just relax.

What are your expectations on the evolution of Engineering in the near future?

To see more females in Nigeria as leaders and inventors.

What do you wish you could have done better? What advice would you give your younger self and why?

Advice to my younger self, would be to have engaged more with Engineering related opportunities while in University, even if its voluntary and gain more knowledge and exposure.

Provide a personal quote to motivate others.

“Nothing works, unless you work on it.“

CAFEW is happy to celebrate, encourage, and motivate Female Engineers and other Females who enable success in Engineering.

“Talent is unique to each person so it is highly necessary to nurture it. Dream big, work hard consistently, develop skills continuously, volunteer, read & research always to increase your knowledge bank and most of all pray always.” – Ngowari Diminas, CAFEW founder


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