Chronicles of Reservoir Modeling Workshop in Poland By Stephanie Nwoko, Reservoir Geologist/Modeling, GeoModeller, Petrel Expert

Steph N

Last month, I traveled to Poland to give a 3D reservoir modeling workshop, a hands-on-practical using Petrel software at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. For those not aware, I gave a similar workshop in March, 2017 at the University of New Orleans and University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

As always, I am ever so delighted to volunteer and mentor students and young professionals. I was especially impressed at the variety of students who registered for the workshop, hosted by Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. There were 19 students from 4 different universities: 2 PhD students from Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Science Warsaw; 4 MSc students from AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow; 1 MSc student from University of Warsaw and 12 students, including 3 BSc, 4 MSc, 5 PhD students from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.


The feedback from the students was amazing, they were very happy to see a visiting geoscientist from the industry and also from a different geographical region willing to share their knowledge. Most of the students have not been exposed to 3D reservoir modeling and a couple of the PhD students are building reservoir models for their PhD research programme, so this workshop came in handy.

A couple of excerpt from their feedback:

Thank you so much for this great workshop! I was impressed by the professionalism of your workshop and how you planned and conducted it!

–      Dr Wojciech Stawikowski (Assistant Professor Geology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the workshop. It was a unique and interesting experience for me. If you need anything from us or Poland, write to me and I will always be happy to help. I hope one day we will meet again.

–      Ph.D. Monika Szokaluk (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)


I would like to encourage experienced professionals to visit universities and share their experience and knowledge with these students as they are hungry to hear from professionals in the industry. It puts into perspective what can be expected working in the oil and gas industry. It could also help change their minds regarding what type of industry to practice as a geoscientist, as currently, I see a reduction in petroleum geoscience courses and students in universities visited. We need to play our part to help retain and increase the geoscientist students.


Once again, I would like to thank AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) and Schlumberger for making this a possibility. Finally, a special thanks to Dr Wojciech Stawikowski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan for being a fantastic host!


Stephanie published this article as well on her LinkedIn page.

CAFEW group is proud of women like Stephanie who spend time making an impact in the industry.





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