Looking for the right mentor? Here are some tips……

It is just becoming a norm in recent times to say I have a mentor but not really getting in depth to look for the suitable one for you. Afterwards, people tend to lack that connection with their mentor.

You can also take the time to click on the link below to listen to the short video.

Here are a few words highlighted in capital letters and summarized description for one to bear in mind when searching for the right mentor. These words are key characteristics one should see in a mentor to enable that valuable part towards one’s business goals or career or whatever the reason that mentor was chosen for.

ACTIVE – One who participates in events, forums, sessions, trainings, and/or writes in your area of expertise. The individual needs to have that update on recent information.

RESPONSIVE – One who can reply your emails/messages in an efficient manner; help with majority or your inquiries; readily available often times to speak with you; reaching out to you to ask after your general well-being.

FEEDBACK – One who can provide constructive feedback to give you options on what is available to you; guidance on changes that you might require on your career path.

ASSESSMENT – One that can review your performance and skills to advice objectively what you lack and areas of improvement.

MOTIVATION – One who you can look up to in different aspects like being organized, articulate, hardworking, etc.


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