Startup Port Harcourt Week – Women Tech Founders Meetup experience

I am particularly happy that Startup Port Harcourt is annual event because it has opened so many doors for young entrepreneurs to keep being confident to pursue their various startups and an opportunity to network with others that have similar goals. Port Harcourt is a beautiful Oil city and having effective tech hubs will further enrich the city including attracting great investors.

I had the opportunity to work with beautiful, hardworking and brilliant people. The women tech founders meetup is awesome. It encourages, supports and provides a good platform for female entrepreneurs to get access to information readily and meet fellow entrepreneurs and even investors.


We had videos, panel discussions, skype session (which I was part of), conversations and presentations on various topics which were all applicable to being an entrepreneur. My article can be found by clicking on the link below.

Key take away from the article: Build your brand with distinctive authenticity and passion that you are worth you say you are. Be proactive consistently. Be proud of your work, brave, confident and never underestimate the strength of your technical and management skills.

Also see more pictures from the event below.


Uzo Ofoma and Bereni D. Fiberesima


There was tremendous time and effort put into organizing this event. Glad to see all the smiling faces.


It is worth it to attend and/or participate in events like this in order to nurture one’s mindset beautifully.

Ngowari Diminas, CAFEW Founder


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